We are getting a bit deep and cheesy here now, so please bear with us:


Felix B watches are designed to inspire you each and every day to cherish the small moments of happiness in life. Happiness is not a constant state but lies ever so often in a split second, wherein everything just comes together perfectly within a moment of time. Collect and savour these small moments of happiness together with your Felix B watch, for they make life so much better.


To remind you of exactly this, we created the characteristic six o´clock line. Every time you see the hour or minute hand align flawlessly with the line, the perfection lasts just for a swift moment. Then afterwards it runs its course, just like the feeling of pure happiness.


There you have it. We told you it was going to be a bit cheesy, but hey, you made it this far, so well done!


Ah, if you want to know why we chose the name Felix B, please read on.

Felix is derived from the Latin word “fēlix, felicis” and means “happy”. And well, we thought adding the “B” would sound great and also make sense – Happy B(ee) = B(e) Happy, you catch the drift. All wrapped up in a Scandinavian, timeless, and urban design, a Felix B watch is the perfect companion for all types of occasions and lifestyles.


Aaand, we are done. You did well, thanks for paying attention and enjoy your Felix B watch.  


It‘s all about moments in time. Now Go & Create them! 

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